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Foundation of Success.

The biggest investment UT makes is in the development of the individuals on our team. We believe that each of us is capable of living a life bigger than we ever imagined, both personally and professionally; and that Universal Title can be the conduit of that life. Our coaching program is focused on personal development, as opposed to performance. It lays the foundation of our success by providing the systems, models, and accountability necessary to achieve the big goals we set for ourselves.

Mission. Vision. Values.


Your partner in closing

Real Estate Professional: We give you confidence that as your partner we will safeguard the process and finalize the transaction that you started.

Buyers and Sellers: You can trust and rely on us because as your partner we care about you, your investment, and the personal nature of the transaction.


Discover. Grow. Live

We are a place where individuals challenge the idea of who they are capable of being, both personally and professionally. Together we create the resources and opportunities that are available for us to realize that vision of ourselves. And we support an environment that allows us to live the life we imagine.


Our expectation is to take the steps necessary to do what you say you will do, and be accountable for your actions.  Be willing to commit to the following principles.

Accountability: See it, own it, solve it, do it.

Problem Solving: Ask the question “what else can I do?”, and become part of the solution.

Excellence: Do the thing you do as well as you can do it, and seek personal development to figure out how to do it even better tomorrow.

Integrity: Have the judgement to do the right thing, even when it’s not in your own self-interest, and even when no one else is looking.

Hospitality: Have respect for others and their feelings, and let your actions show others that you care.


From Our Team

Italian Trulli

“I love working here, I have found that my voice is heard, which in most places that is not the case. Shanna and the Executive Team take the time to mentor me to improve and help me grow personally and professionally.”

Anne Hoffman

Italian Trulli

“Our first son was born at 26 weeks, and his birth was right at the beginning of my transition from an office manager to full-time business development. Every morning for 3 ½ months I was traveling to the hospital in the early morning hours. During this time, Samantha, David, and Jennifer were extremely helpful, caring and understanding. It really meant (and still means) a lot to me.”

Joey VanDaniker

Italian Trulli

“I am grateful to work for a company that’s so ahead of the game and proactive. For as long as I remain in the title and settlement industry there is no other team I would want to be a part of.”

David Robertson

Italian Trulli

“When I first started with UT in 2010 my plan was to work until my youngest daughter graduated college. That happened in 2015. At the time I never imagined I would end up with the opportunity to build a team. The personal and professional growth I experience is a journey I continue to enjoy each day.”

Teresa Darnell

Personal Goals. It is the achievement of our personal goals that drive our productivity and happiness. Whether your top priority is to live a healthier life, create financial security for your family, or travel the world, we want to help you achieve those goals. And we want UT and each team member’s professional achievement to be the vehicle that makes them possible.

Profit Share

Many members of the UT Team, across all positions, are stakeholders and share in the profit of the company. A rising tide should lift all ships!


Universal Title offers all its employees health insurance as well as the option to participate in the company’s matching 401(k) program.


Up to 4 weeks Personal Time Off (PTO).

Extra Help

Floating processors and staff-attorneys to assist with coverage during vacation or during busy times of the year.

Professional Development

We attend national conferences and training events to work on our personal and professional development.

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